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VISIONIX VX90 Autorefractor Keratometer

VX90 allows the patient to fully de-accommodate prior to measurement for precise results.

  • Auto Fog System
  • REF, KER, Peripheral KER and IOL Mode measurements
  • Intuitive diameter measurement
  • Internal opacity screening
  • Sitting and standing operation
  • Motorized chinrest
  • Easy load and auto cut printer
  • WIFI connectivity
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VISIONIX VX120+ Diagnostic with Dry Eye Module

A multiple diagnostic system which can screen and monitor eye pathologies including dry eye syndromes

  • 8 in 1: REF/KER, Aberrometry, Retroillumination, Pupillometry, Topography, Pachymetry, Tonometry, Dry Eye Module
  • Review results from any supported device (Tablet, smartphone, etc)
  • Customize your reports
  • Synchronize data, graphs, and maps for any examination
  • Communication enabled with other instruments
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MOPTIM Colombo IOL biometer


  • Measure up to of 8 values
  • Simultaneously imaging of cornea and retina in high definition
  • All-in-one design, no extra PC required
  • User-friendly operation
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Frey SL-100 Digital Slit Lamp

The FREY SL-100 is an advanced digital slit lamp microscope designed for high performance, accuracy, reliability and patient comfort. It has brilliant optics, an innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera, and a fully integrated design that does not require an external PC.

  • Advanced digital slit lamp microscope
  • High performance, accuracy, reliability, and patient comfort
  • Brilliant optics for stunning image quality and resolution
  • Innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera
  • Fully integrated design that does not require an external PC
  • Efficient, high-level work flow and integration into clinical practice.
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VISIONIX OptoVue iScan 80 Automated OCT

The OCT that practically runs itself

iScan 80 offers a fully-integrated system which includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans. It detects the eye to be scanned, aligns the camera over the pupil and optimises the scan signal strength. After completing scan acquisition, iScan 80 evaluates each scan to ensure quality data has been captured.

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Frey AP-600 Automated Perimeter is a compact fully featured visual field analyzer that is simple to set up and use. Brilliant design combined with intuitive proprietary software offers expanded testing options to optimize your patient management with new TIA™ Standard, Fast and Superfast tests*.


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