Frey SL-100 Digital Slit Lamp

The FREY SL-100 is an advanced digital slit lamp microscope designed for high performance, accuracy, reliability and patient comfort. It has brilliant optics, an innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera, and a fully integrated design that does not require an external PC.

  • Advanced digital slit lamp microscope
  • High performance, accuracy, reliability, and patient comfort
  • Brilliant optics for stunning image quality and resolution
  • Innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera
  • Fully integrated design that does not require an external PC
  • Efficient, high-level work flow and integration into clinical practice.


Frey SL-100 Digital Slit Lamp


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Digital camera ready

Frey SL-100 integrates specialized componentry to connect and control Frey bespoke digital imaging system. Push button joystick and eye illumination system controls are elegantly integrated. Simply add digital camera system allowing clinicians to enjoy outstanding ergonomics and complete control over the imaging process clinical examination.


LED illumination system

The LED illumination source eliminate heat and infra red emissions associated with traditional light sources and ensures optimal diagnostic detail from the cornea to the retina. LED exhibits superior duty cycle and reduces medical device maintenance and downtime significantly. LED light intensity is precise and easy to use, delivering a sharp and bright slit for superior performance and control.


Improve clinical workflow

Superb mechanics, Frey SL-100 is very easy to operate. Frey combines modern design and enduring performance providing the clinician with fatigue free examinations every day. Yellow contrast enhancing filter for additional contrast is cleverly integrated into the optical body of the microscope, and can be subtly operated for viewing corneal staining.


Stream to multiple screens

Stream images and videos across multiple devices. FREY SL-100 allows you to collaborate with other health care professionals, share knowledge and discuss diagnosis, improve clinical outcomes in real time, easily. Ideal for general practices, educational and training institutions. Video streaming and photo sharing enhance clinical collaboration and education.


Stunning AMOLED tech

AMOLED screen provides superb image quality - better contrast, higher brightness, fuller viewing angle, a wider colour range to capture even the greatest detail of the eye. AMOLED consume less power, enables Frey to simplify the unique design that is ultra-thin with better durability.


Work wirelessly

Use fast, stable and reliable Wi-Fi AC or Bluetooth 4.2 to connect all your devices. Simplify workspace and improve clinical workflows. 


Out of the box & stand alone

Frey SL-100 does not require external PC or any other device to operate. All cables remain hidden in an ergonomic and minimalistic design. The eye lighting system, which can be controlled using the knob built into the lamp base, is included. 


Large & reliable internal storage

Result and image management is an essential part of doctor’s workflow. FREY SL-100 simplifies and speeds up the work with 128GB internal storage. Gather a large number of heavy files. Select, the most interesting photos and sent them to you smartphone - without cluttering it.


Bring hidden details to (infrared) light.

A leading cause of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) affects the essential oil layer of the eye’s tear film, causing tears to evaporate too quickly. For optimal treatment MGD must be clinically observed and diagnosed with certainty and clarity, allowing eye care professionals to prescribe the most appropriate treatment. A diagnostic method of MGD is examination with a digital slit lamp equipped with infrared light (IR light source). Infrared light is not visible to human eyes. To observe the image, IR sensitive camera and a display is clinically essential. FREY digital slit lamps are equipped with optional IR illumination source to visualize MGD with superb clarity, without causing patient discomfort. FREY hi-res IR sensitive camera quickly acquires grey scale images of meibomian gland structures for early diagnose of MGD.