Frey SL-110 Slit Lamp

Frey SL-110 is an advanced LED slit lamp microscope designed for high performance, accurate diagnostics, reliability and patient comfort. Brilliant optics result in stunning image quality and resolution. An innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera delivers superb clinical viewing


Frey SL-110 Slit Lamp


Slit Lamp

Digital camera ready

Frey SL-110 integrates specialized componentry to connect and control Frey bespoke digital imaging system. Push button joystick and eye illumination system controls are elegantly integrated. Simply add digital camera system allowing clinicians to enjoy outstanding ergonomics and complete control over the imaging process clinical examination

LED illumination system

The LED illumination source eliminate heat and infra red emissions associated with traditional light sources and ensures optimal diagnostic detail from the cornea to the retina. LED exhibits superior duty cycle and reduces medical device maintenance and downtime significantly. LED light intensity is precise and easy to use, delivering a sharp and bright slit for superior performance and control.

Improve clinical workflow

Superb mechanics, Frey SL-110 is very easy to operate. Frey combines modern design and enduring performance providing the clinician with fatigue free examinations every day. Yellow contrast enhancing filter for additional contrast is cleverly integrated into the optical body of the microscope, and can be subtly operated for viewing corneal staining.