YEASN CCQ-1100 Auto Lensmeter

Fast and accurate measurement, easy and high-efficient operation, and fashionable appearance with the extraordinary quality.


YEASN CCQ-1100 Auto Lensmeter



Accurate and Precise measurement

The Hartmann measurement system measures each type of lens accurately through 165 points of data sampling.


Fast measurement

Ultra-high-definition image processing system, high-speed dual-core processor, fast measurement of each type of lens, advanced measurement algorithms to achieve more accurate and stable measurement for progressive lenses.


Blue light hazard measurement

Blue light measurement system, through data and images, shows the lens protection against harmful blue light.


UV measurement

The UV protection ability of the lens is measured and dis­played graphically.


Lens Recognition

Recognize automatically Single vision, multi-focal lenses and progressive lenses and turns into corresponding mea­surement mode.

Low transmittance lens measurement

Adjusting the brightness of the light source automatically to adapt to the transmittance of the lens and can mea­sure the lens with 5% transmittance.


Prism prescription value setting

Inputting the prescription value of the prism, and auto­matically correct the lens center. Just follow the screen mark to complete the lens center positioning.

Quick and responsive operation

High-quality touch screen, fast and responsive response, reliable and stable, touch points no shifting in long-term use.


7-inch HD LCD screen

7-inch high-definition LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600, larger and clearer data display, easily read data and helps improving work efficiency.


Reliable and durable

Excellent circuit design, Robust mechanical structure, du­rable. Sealed light path system effectively prevents dust.


Ergonomic design

The appearance design is fashionable and concise, min­iaturized, lightweight, and saves space. The display has a wide range of flip angles from -7° (forward) to 90° (back­ward), suitable for any position.