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VISIONIX VX90 Autorefractor Keratometer

VX90 allows the patient to fully de-accommodate prior to measurement for precise results.

  • Auto Fog System
  • REF, KER, Peripheral KER and IOL Mode measurements
  • Intuitive diameter measurement
  • Internal opacity screening
  • Sitting and standing operation
  • Motorized chinrest
  • Easy load and auto cut printer
  • WIFI connectivity
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NEXTSIGHT Nexy AI Fully Robotic Fundus Camera

  • Non-mydriatic
  • AI compatible
  • Exclusive technology: Nexy utilizes an innovative cross-polarized light technology that provides excellent image quality while maintaining a compact footprint.
  • Robotics movements: auto-alignment, autofocus and auto capture
  • Automatic capture of high-quality images for detailed screening and evaluation with minimal personal training
  • Pleasant aesthetic: small footprint and ergonomic design
  • Modern gesture interaction
  • Review images from the Next Sight website using a personal and secure account
  • Teamviewer application for remote
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MOPTIM Colombo IOL biometer


  • Measure up to of 7 values
  • Simultaneously imaging of cornea and retina in high definition
  • All-in-one design, no extra PC required
  • User-friendly operation
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